Moonstone Pack

Where the Moon  is always on our side.

We are the Moonstone Pack


The Alpha(s)

The Alpahs are the first to eat and lead the hunting parties. Their word is law and any who disobey are at their mercy.

Saraek || 3 Summers || Female

Played By: Katrin Genesis

She is a loving and motherly wolf, but also a fierce and decisive warrior. Angering her is inadvisable, as she is also quick to punish wrong-doers; she believes her judgements to always be fair, however if anyone feels otherwise, she will listen to there opinion as long as they remain respectful. If her pack is threatened, or any single wolf in it, she treats it as if the threat was against her own pup.

The Beta(s)

The wolf or wolves in charge if one or both Alphas are away. They eat second and are sometimes asked to fill the roll of enforcer by the Alphas.


They are third to eat and are in charge if the Alpha(s) and Beta(s) are away.


These are the dead ancestors of the pack. The Shaman can summon them at will and occasionally appear to the pack or a single wolf on their own if their needed.


These are the wolves over 6 of the pack, valued for their wisdom and experience and often sought out by the higher ranks for advice. They are also the packs story-tellers, passing legends down to each generation.


Hand-picked by the Alphas, he or she teaches the healers everything he or she knows and aids the pack with the worst injuries, as well as providing a link to the Spirit World.


They protect the pack. They are the best warriors besides the Alphas and most take on Apprentices.

Xandra || 2 springs || Female

Played by: Xandra Lupe

Skilled warrior and protector of the pack. Will readily defend any member of the group, especially pups, from outsiders and role challenges. Currently Xandra has one apprentice, Feather, and is in the process of teaching her fighting, defense and keeping watch.


They gather food for the pack and take on Apprentices


These are the pregnant females of the pack. In general, the queens are exempt from most pack responsibilities and get to eat third, with the Gammas


Scouts patrol the border and alert the nearest high-ranking wolf possible of anything dangerous and/or unusual

Eagle || 1 Spring || Male

Played By: Katrin Genesis

He loves bothering Feather as much as she him. Whenever he runs into her while she's training, he tries to distract her and make her mess up, just to be, well, a brother. But he loves her to death and will not hesitate to protect her if she needs him to. And no matter how angry she makes him, he always cuddles up ext to her every night anyway.


Pups that are one year old may become Apprentices and study under either a Guardian or a Hunter until they have turned 2, when they may graduate to the rank they've been training for

Feather || 1 Spring || Female

Played By: Katrin Genesis

Feather Is a Guardian's Apprentice; her mentor is Xandra. She is eager to learn how to defend her pack and hopes she will learn quickly. She has a fierce love for her pack, for her brother, Eagle, and a thirst for life in general. It's hard to get her down and even harder to keep her down. She also torments Eagle on a regular basis.


They tend to the packs minor wounds; many of the older ones can also heal or help heal more serious wounds, and if the Shaman is injured or unavailable, they can work together to heal wounds that would normally be the Shaman's responsibility

Pup Watchers


Krepta || 5 Moons || Female

Played By: Katrin Genesis

Krepta is one of three pups to be found while the pack was hunting. So far no one's "adopted" her yet, so she just play-fights with her younger brothers, Zraei and Areptesa, most of the day and playing mommy when they start to cause mischief.

Zraei & Areptesa || 2 Moons || Male

Played By: Katrin Genesis

These two love getting into trouble when their big sister's not around. They just can't help themselves. And the more times they succeed, the bolder they get.



Outcasts and Omegas

Any member of the pack, including the pups, has free reign to take aggression out on any of these wolves. They have been placed here for a reason which deserves punishment besides exile.


These wolves roam around the territory and/or its outskirts, whether it be because they choose to or because they've been permanently or temporaily exiled.

Current Month: May

Current Pack Status: Small, but growing. In need of more members.

Mating Season: January-February

Birthing: March-April

Next Season: 6/21/13

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